Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1920's Chest of Drawers

This adorable, 1920's, chest of drawers recently fell in to my lap, and oh, what a nice surprise! This piece was in very good condition which made it a pleasure to work with. You know how sometimes an old piece of furniture will have a yucky smell - like a musty odor or smokey smell? Well, this piece was immaculate.

Here are the before photos . . . a beautiful, maple finish with original, brass drawer pulls - vintage pulls, but missing one :(

It was so pretty that it was kind of hard to think of a new life for it . . .  but my visions and dreams of a shabby, white, feminine look took over my appreciation of its originality! 

Sanding and priming are my least favorite steps of a project, but hey, it has to be done, right? It was a good time to search for drawer pull replacements - in the evening, while waiting for the primer to dry, I was scouring the internet. 

It was soon time to take action with the paint and distressing! I selected a white paint, called Bisque, from Sherwin Williams. I planned for a rub down of light walnut stain later.

My sister found some wonderful, vintage glass knobs for me at an antique store where she lives. They were a perfect fit!!! Thanks, Susie!

Here is the finished chest of drawers. The only photos that I have of the completed piece are from the craft show that I was in right after completion. I will try to make some more soon!


  1. Precious Lisa!!!
    Love it! White and all. :)

  2. The dresser turned out beautiful!! It looks great painted white!!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  3. Thank you Lisa!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too... hope you're enjoying time with your family!

  4. I have a chest very similar to this one, probably made by the same company. One of my drawer pulls is damaged. Do you still have the original pulls and are you will to part with them? Your finished piece is beautiful!

    Nancy Jane


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