Sunday, November 14, 2010

1920's Vanity Table - Oh the Possibilities!

This wonderful little vanity table was waiting for me at a junk store -- it was just calling my name! It was great price, and I knew I had to have it. It is in very good shape along with the original casters still attached. It has wonderful scrolly work on the drawer fronts and beautiful turned legs! Only one of the drawer pulls is missing, but that is no big deal.

As I was sanding the top I noticed that it is a beautiful cherry vaneer -- I could even smell the cherry wood. It was such a nice surprise to see what was hiding underneath a coat of high gloss black paint and a coat of white. I was so excited to discover the beautiful vaneer that I am contemplating putting a poly on the cherry and painting below the vanity top in a cream color and then distressing it . . .  what do you think?   

I have finally remembered to take "before" photos.
Hopefully I will have the "after" photos very soon!


  1. Lisa! I'm coming to steal that vanity while you sleep!!! That is an AMAZING piece... my wheels are turning...... the off white sounds nice and calming, however... I can't help thinking a color/s would be FUN as well!
    I'm jealous of that find!
    Have fun with it!

  2. Deb, I'm laughing out loud! I'll make some hot tea for your visit!! :)

    Yes, it is CUTE and I'm happy to have found it. You are right about COLORS!! That would certainly be whimsical and fun! I'm happy to hear any of your ideas for it.

    As always, thanks for the comment!

  3. what a fabulous piece to begin with... can't wait to see it after. :)

  4. Lisa,
    this piece has a lot of detail. It might be neat to do a soft color for a base coat... say, a muted aqua blue,crape, even a grayish lavender,and then antique over it so all that brown an ooze into all those crevices... and maybe a cool stencil design or decoupage using wall paper, wrapping paper, scrap book papers etc...I might even be inclined to toss in some metallic paint or gold leaf on some of the turned details!
    O.k., that's my brainstorm for today!
    Deb ( who is still jealous even today) LOL!

  5. Oh, Deb! Yes, that sounds very nice! I really like your idea using the wallpaper. i was actually looking at wallpaper yesterday at my local Sherwin Williams (local paint store) Hmmm . . . .

    Going out for a walk and then on to sanding :D Have a great day!

  6. Thanks, Hilary! I need positive vibes sent my way about the vanity!

    I always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for posting.

    Maybe a trip to Barnes and Noble today to find your book recommendation??!

  7. Gorgeous piece...I have my Grandmother's that is very similar. The problem I have is now everyone paints these timeless gorgeous pieces instead of refinishing them. I guess it's easier to do that. Also, some of them are worth more with the original paint on it. I am having my Grandmother's refinished and would never think of putting White paint on it. You lose it's original Character and don't see what's under that white tacky paint.


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