Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Power

A 3-paneled, photo screen that I turned into a divider screen with adorable daisy fabric. Perfect for a funky girl who likes the whimsical, fun, colorful look of the 70's. Did someone say "Groovy Baaaaby?" Oh yeah, I painted a mirror to match! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A, B, C, D, E, F, G . . .

Here are a few little letters I painted with pink roses and green vines. I sell them to local shops and also carry them in my booth. Glitter-paint scattered around the petals combined with bow accents make the letters dainty and sweet ! I painted these with a baby's nursery or a girlie girl's bedroom in mind. They stand 9 inches tall as they await a perfect spot on a pretty wall!
The animal print is not the best background for these letters - oops!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Benches, Tuffets and Seats, Oh My!

Here is a little collection of some vanity benches, seats and tuffets that I recently completed. I took them to a show in Leiper's Fork, TN and did not sell any of them, however when I placed them in my antique mall booth I sold them all very quickly! Lesson learned: Shabby, cottage, distressed benches, tuffets and seats sell: They just don't sale at art/craft shows!

The beautiful and lovely white, cottage settte was custom tailored by my sister, Argie (standing behind the settee). It is a beautiful, white, twill with frilly pillows that she created from Rachel Ashwell fabric. This settee is currently in my booth waiting to find the "perfect home!"

All of these required very little preparation (except for my sister's settee, of course). Just a little painting and sanding on the legs and feet for the cottage, distressed look. The finishing touch was some minor upholstery to complete the look!

A few of my other pieces mixed in with the stools: a tea pot & cups,
some framed, shabby fabric and vintage linens.
This is one of my favorite pieces that my sister has ever created! A simply beautiful settee! 
It would be perfect in a sunroom, bedroom, little girl's room or powder room!

This fabric (left) is so shabby! I love the tea-stained look in the background of the mocha and teal floral design.
Shabby little metal bench with
tea-stained fabric of teal and mocha flowers.
This reminds me of the tuffet that Little Miss Muffet must have
sat upon while eating her curds and whey! (below)
The sweet baby quilts are also designed and constructed by my sister Argie.
The quilt in the foreground is made with Rachel Ashwell fabric.
It sold this week in my antique booth!!! A lucky, baby girl gets to enjoy her new treasure!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

This is a 1950's vintage dresser that I re-designed to become a desk or work station for a girlie girl! I replaced the original mirror with a cork board for posting photos, phone numbers and important dates! The veneer was chipping and peeling at the bottom of each side so I decided to camoflauge the splintering with 1/4 inch plywood flowers. It then just made sense to cut out more flowers to scatter around the rest of the desk. White, porcelain knobs were a perfect accent for the drawers. The flowers made this treasure a unique conservation piece!

Last fall at an art show I sold "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" to an excited little girl who had the perfect place in her bedroom for a girlie desk!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paris in the Springtime

This is a set that began as a hodge-podge of odds-n-ends! The chair started out as an ugly, worn out chair with old fabric and a rough, dark wood finish. A very traditional, yet worn out and "dated" look. I knew I wanted a fresh, happy, clean look that would brighten any room. After lots of sanding and Bix Paint Remover, I decided to hand paint the chair with oil based, white paint (after, of course, I painted several coats of primer). I then had to make some structural repairs with the springs and cushion. This step was not easy, but I was fortunate enough to learn from a local upholsterer who taught me a few of his trade secrets!

I found the perfect material, and began covering the chair in coordinating fabrics of sky blue with yellow flowers, coral flowers and touches of apple green.

I decided the chair needed as a soul mate. A padded, twin headboard seemed to be a good match. I cut the headboard out of some scrap 3/4 inch plywood that I had in my garage -- I began the "padded headboard" instructions. I covered the headboard with the same fabrics as the chair but accented it with a tassel, yellow cording and fabric embellishments. The legs were covered in the same fabric and stablized with covered 2 x 4's on the back. The extra, wooden enforcement posts made the headboard a very sturdy piece.

The covered cornice board was also a spare piece that I happened to have in my sewing room from a leftover project. It just felt like an appropriate piece to join the "Paris in the Springtime" theme. Of course I used the same fabrics and embellishments to coordinate with the other two pieces.

After several weeks of planning, coordinating and working toward a 3-piece set, I finally completed "Paris in the Springtime" - a perfect fit in a sunny room with touches of white wicker and lots of happiness! I am pleased to say that "Paris in the Springtime" found a new home when a buyer spotted the set in my booth at Countryside Antique Mall!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Little Bit of Paradise!

Relaxing Lunch at a Beach Restaurant with an Ocean View! Talk about inspirational! I recently visited this little restaurant in Grayton Beach, Florida. It was the most picturesque, inspiring, and relaxing experience. I absolutely LOVED the blue walls. They blended with the blue sky and ocean in the distance. What a nice day!

The sweet garden scene is a photo that I took in Seagrove Beach, Florida at a wonderful little, cottage-style shop. Again, right across the street from the beach! What a fun place this must be to work!

The little cottage shop looked like it stepped right out of a Beatrix Potter book! There were two adorable black and white cats lounging on the swing and front porch . . . what a relaxing atmosphere. Lucky cats!