Monday, December 6, 2010

Italian Brick and Plaster

Just a few photos of my recent Italian Brick and Plaster faux finish that I completed for one of my clients. The bricks and mortar are created by using a plaster-like product in a 17-step finish. Yes, you read correctly! It takes about 3 weeks to complete this process . . . taping off the grout lines, getting the brick colors just right, sealing the brick, etc, etc! This finish has a wonderful end result with a total transformation where ever it is featured! I have created this finish in several restaurants and also residences.


  1. Thanks, Hilary! It is one of my favorite finishes!

  2. Beautifully done Lisa!
    We have bricks in our dining room too!
    Yours are lovely!

  3. Really, Deb!? Did you create the bricks in your dining room? It is a very warm look!


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