Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Charming With Chalk Paint!

It is so exciting to see "Before" photos of ANYTHING when the end results are BETTER than you had expected!  Here is a lovely Henredon dining table and 6 chairs, probably from the early 1980's.  The set was in need of some major TLC!!!

Can We All Say... "Teal and Peach ~ Early 1980's Fabric" 

One of the arm chairs was in need of some cane repair. It looked as if this chair may have been the "Papa Chair" at the head of the table and was given some extra hearty wear! It is interesting how one can imagine how a piece was used, or by whom, when the wear-and-tear is observed.
I ordered a kit that included the cane, wooden wedges, glue and spline (the "edging" piece that holds the cane in place). It  was basically quite simple once I removed the old spline. It took some patience, but once I began following the directions, it seemed like I was finished in no time!

Deciding to keep the pretty, natural wooden table top was easy! It was in great shape and it just seemed like the right look for the table. I taped off the table top to protect it and began painting with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint - Old White.

Since I had several other projects going on at the same time, like a HUGE faux finishing job at a local restaurant, it took me several weeks to complete the table, 6 chairs, repairing the cane, and covering the chair bottoms.

About mid-way throught the project...

After 2 wonderful coats of chalk paint, clear wax, brown wax, distressing and a lot of patience, VOILA, I was finally finished! Just before I actually completed the project, a college friend, from years ago, saw photos of the set that I posted on Facebook and she is now the proud owner of the repurposed table and chairs!

Hope you enjoy your new dining table and chairs, Cindy!!!


  1. You are so talented! I'm gonna give you this one chair I have and let you go to town!
    Thanks for following me!

  2. I have a very similar dining table and would like to do the same thing you did where do I go to get more detailed instructions?


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