Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Power

A 3-paneled, photo screen that I turned into a divider screen with adorable daisy fabric. Perfect for a funky girl who likes the whimsical, fun, colorful look of the 70's. Did someone say "Groovy Baaaaby?" Oh yeah, I painted a mirror to match! 


  1. Hi Lisa!
    Wonderful... reminds me of my bedroom in the 70's, only it was orange,green, yellow and white with an orange fur bedspread to match! groovy man...I love what you did with the screen by incorporating fabric...It's just adorable... and your handpainted mirror is the perfect compliment... Great job!

  2. Thanks, Deborah Jean! It was a fun piece to paint! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Your welcome!
    Um... yes, it was shag carpent... avacado green I think.... ICK!!!
    Happy Painting!

  4. Hi Lisa!! Thanks for stoppin' by. It's always nice to meet a fellow Tennessean! Very cute screen and mirror and (some of your other) creations... love that you are livin' your dream!! Keep it up and hope you do well! And love the name of your blog... very cute.

    Kendra @ Creative Ambitions

  5. Hi Lisa,
    So glad you stopped by! Your screen is adorable! Love the combination of fabrics...very "groovy". ;-)
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)


Thanks for chit chatting! Hope to hear from you again soon!